Experienced multidisciplinary designer and part-time web developer with a background in computer science and architecture excited by new technologies.




  • Autor Rooms
  • Baumiller Atelier
  • Bujnowski Architekci
  • Ekoen
  • Empik
  • Flying Bisons
  • GZM
  • Jeronimo Martins
  • OTO Film
  • Palikot
  • Pharmatonica
  • Poland Investments
  • Polpharma Biologics
  • Tank Production
  • Profim
  • Puro
  • Stock Spirits
  • Tersaco
  • VDV
  • XDeep


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I have limited availability and occasionally take on shorter engagements. If you're a founder or an early stage startup looking to consult regarding design, engineering or product strategy — please do reach out via email.


Service to my communiy allows me to benefit our world in more ways than just for pure financial gain. As a designer, I contribute or donate to charitable causes on a regular schedule.

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Studio ones includes—in most respects—a project team with different talents and responsibilities in a joint collaboration. All projects labeled with an agency name were designed and created during my employment/freelance position there → It’s not a one man show.